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This course has been developed by Department of Medical Technology and Physics,to train Biomedical professionals for annual certification on electrical safety testing.

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Radiation Safety for Operating Theatres

Please note, this course has now been transitioned to the new LMS, MyLearning. 

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For nurses and anaesthetic Technicians working in Operating Theatres,

It is important to have some understanding and awareness of ionising radiation and its potential effects. This course will take you through 5 modules:

  1. •Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity
  2. •Radiation Protection
  3. •Putting Radiation into Perspective
  4. •Understanding the Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation
  5. •Applications of Radiation in Theatres & Additional Precautions

After every module there will be a short Quiz  

After completing this short course you should be familiar with basic concepts of radiation safety.