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EDI Overview

This module provides an overview of the EDI, including an understanding of unconscious bias.

EDI: Aboriginal Workforce - An Introduction to Section 51

An introduction to Section 51 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984, outlining what it enables, why it is important and how it can be applied.


Appreciating that gender, sexuality and sex characteristics are unique to every individual and being inclusive is essential to delivering excellence in patient care.

EDI: Gender equality

All people, regardless of gender, have equal rights, opportunities and access to wellbeing, safety and justice.

EDI: Cultural and linguistic diversity

understanding how celebrating diversity and creating inclusive environments has a positive effect on all staff.

EDI: Age - the young and the old of it

How our own cultural lens impacts the way in which we stereotype individuals based on age.

EDI: Disability Inclusion

Promoting disability awareness in our workplace and community is vital to establishing a society where people with disability are valued and included.