Learning and Development, North Metropolitan Health Service

Learning and development is critical to develop workforce capabilities, skills and competencies. The Learning and Development Department is dedicated to providing in-house training and education services across North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS) to ensure employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to fulfil the requirements of their role and deliver quality health services.  

A suite of programs are delivered throughout the year and are available to NMHS staff free of charge. They include:

The NMHS is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and currently provides a number of nationally recognised qualifications.  

For additional information on the training and education opportunities provided by Learning and Development, please contact the Learning and Development Department by email or telephone (08) 6457 2202 or (08) 6457 2889.

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Spinal Transfer eLearning

This training package is for nursing staff and physiotherapists involved in the treatment and care of patients with suspected or actual spinal injury or fracture.

  1. Manual task risk management framework
  2. Physical Principles of Safe Handling
  3. Equipment for Spinal Transfers
  4. Nursing Management
  5. Spinal Patient Positions 
  6. Cervical collars
  7. Role of the Team Leader
  8. Preparation for Spinal Transfers