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The Full Physical Examination of the Newborn

Welcome to the Full Physical Examination of the Newborn e-learning package.

Thanks are extended to the Royal College of Midwives in the United Kingdom, for granting permission to King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) to use the Examination of the Newborn eLearning package. The package has been modified to suit Western Australian requirements.

The Full Physical Examination of the Newborn provides a framework for the holistic physical assessment of the healthy newborn baby. You will find detailed information on performing the examination itself. You will also find information on the detection of abnormalities, when, how and to whom to refer; keeping good informative and accurate records, including an agreed plan of care; and how to provide ongoing advice, support and health education to parents.

You will be required to reflect on your current or future practice. This reflection is not graded. A link to the reflection is provided when you see the icon:


Full Physical Examination of the Newborn (FPEON) has six separate modules covering:

  • FPEON1: Getting started - 2 hours
  • FPEON2: Newborn assessment and maternal and newborn history - 2 hours
  • FPEON3: Physical examination of the newborn - 3 hours
  • FPEON4: Equipment - 1 hour
  • FPEON5: Development - 2 hours
  • FPEON6: Practice issues and competency - 1.5 hours

This on-line theory program has been developed for participants to complete over a period of 4-6 weeks. 

You will need to complete all modules by the 25/10/2020.

FPEON is best viewed on a laptop or PC as some content will not be accessible from tablets such as iPads. Participants may find that Google Chrome is the best internet browser for this program. Ensure that you have the most recent edition of Adobe Reader and Flash Player. 

Throughout each module there may be hyperlinked text that is highlighted blue and bold. Clicking on this text will open a new window with additional information.

Each module will contain a quiz. You must receive a score of 80% in order to move on to the next section. If you are unsuccessful you can re-attempt the quiz.


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