QEII Helipad eLearning

This training package is for designated employees only. It details the required information for employees with a designated role in helicopter operations on the QEIIMC Helipad located at the Perth Children's Hospital (PCH). At the end of this eLearning, participants will be able to:

  • define the Emergency Rescue Helicopter Service (ERHS) and the governance arrangements for the QEIIMC Helipad
  • outline the design features and facilities
  • describe the roles and responsibilities of each party involved in its operation
  • demonstrate knowledge of key pieces of equipment
  • apply your knowledge of emergency management procedures related to the Helipad.


For enrolment into this package please email NMHS.MoodleSupport@health.wa.gov.au with your full name and email address.  

This should be completed annually by all employees involved in helicopter operations. Role specific training and walkthroughs are provided on an as needed basis by a Lead Trainer for the role in your area.  Speak with your education team or Line Manager to facilitate this after completion of this package.

If you have any questions relating to information contained within this package please contact QEIIMCHelipad@health.wa.gov.au 


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